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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink Onesie Card and an Initial Faux Appliqued Onesie for Ella

A while back I posted that I won RAK from Addicted To Paper. I am always struck by the generosity and kindness that goes on in the scrapbook community and all the lovely people that congregate in the scrapbook community. It is a very lovely community, glad to be a part of it. Y'all are just SO NICE!!!
Well anyway to get to my story, Tammy and family over at Addicted To Paper recently  added a couple of feet to their house by the name of Ella. So like the saying goes, "One good deed begets another", or whatever it is that my mother always say. I sent Tammy a little welcome to the world gift for her baby girl Ella. Congratulations Tammy to you and your family. Ella is beautiful.

The pink onesie card is from an SVG file that I drew up sometime ago. I cut the card using Sure Cuts Alot, SCAL. That is such a useful program and opens up a world of possibilities for your Cricut. Since the card was a girl onesie I wanted scalloped sleeves and neckline. I also used SCAL to cut out the scalloped neckline and sleeves. After I had them cut out I then added my glitter paste in pink. You can find out more about my glitter paste here. The little bird is from the Cricut Cartridge Create A Critter Page 45, Bird 2. I used companion cuts on page 45 again the Layer 1 button with shift applied. The wing is also on page 45, Layer 2 again with shift applied. The circle that the little bird is on is also from Create A Critter, page 43, the Phrase button. The pink polka dot paper was rather fun to create. I had, of course, some light pink polka dot paper on my computer that I printed off on pink card stock. I really liked the effect. I then took my homemade pearl spray that I discussed here and sprayed it on the card stock but instead of copper acrylic paint I used pink acrylic paint. I like the shimmery pearl look it added to the card stock. Since this was a flat note card I didn't want the back to be naked...LOL so I dressed that up using the same scalloped cuts for the neck and hole openings that I used on the front. I then added a little message of congratulations to it. The little accent card  with the message was cut out using SCAL from a cut that was a Tuesday Take Out download a few weeks ago. I think the whole card came out rather cute.

I also made her a real onesie for Ella to wear. It is my Pink Faux Applique Initial onesie. This particular style is one of most popular styles. It is a heat screen tee not an appliqued onesie but the style really mimics the look of an appliqued letter on the front, but the best part is no worrying if something is going to come off in baby's mouth. cause it is just a tee. I came up with faux applique awhile ago LOL by accident while trying to achieve another effect. I was actually getting pretty frustrated because I couldn't get the effect right but when I stopped for a minute and let my tunnel vision pass. I notice that THIS EFFECT!! was AWESOME on it's own merit and looked very similar to piped applique. I put in on an initial onesie and the rest is as they say history!

It is not lost on me that with babies a lot of time you see their backs as much if not more than you see their front so I put this little e on the back.

You can purchase this onesie for a baby you know. You can do so on my website I have many onesies to choose from.


Rhonda Emery said...

really adorable

Bee's hive said...

Almost makes me want a baby...well a quiet one...that doesn't make bad smells....and doesn't give me stretch marks. I think I'll settle for a picture of a baby! Whew I'm glad I got that big decision over with. Now where was I?.....I think the onesie is to freaking cute for words, and I just WISH I had a friend like you to make me one(or two) when my babies were born! Your are a great person to give like that LOVE it!

DtsArt said...

oh thanks so much :-)

Court said...

Very cute and what a great gift idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck in the giveaway!

Christina said...

Super cute

~ Kendra ~ said...

ADORABLE! You did such a fab job!! TFS!

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