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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I won my First Award

I won an award. My first award! I feel like such a blogger, now..LOL
Thank you to Miss Maria from b3boutique for awarding it to me. I appreciate it so much, especially since I always feel like I am still talking to myself.
So what I have to do is......
  • link back to the person (Miss Maria from b3boutique) who sent me the award

  • post where I would like to be in 10 years

  • give this award to 10 awesome bloggers.
In 10 years where would I like to be.....Well I am not going to lie my life right now isn't too shabby. I am married to a wonderful man and I have 4 beautiful, healthy, happy children. I get up everyday go to my computer to draw, play and create fun stuff on the computer which in return people give me money for this service.

So in 10 years I hope I am still right here as happy and content and feeling as blessed as I do right now with time being kind to me. Anyone have a good anti-wrinkle cream to recommend?.....LOL
You know I have chatted with some of the people who's blog I listed, however there are some blogs on the listed that I have never said anything to and they probably didn't even know how much I enjoyed their blog. What a nice award. Thanks Maria, who I do definitely know, for giving me this award. It was SO NICE of you to think of me and give it to me so I could give it to some other blogs that I think are delightful and intriguing.

5 comments: said...

Oh, thank you so much for my first blog award! I had no idea you were following me! I love your blog and am going to check out your Etsy store. Is there a graphic I should post when I post my own recipients? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the blog's adorable. I really enjoy visiting your blog and website too - you have AMAZING talent.


Snowmanlover said...

Wow, thank you so much for the blog award!!! I love the other blogs you posted too!!!! I love your blog! Thank you!!! Barb

Nubian Crafter said...

Wow... thank you so much for the award!!! I think that your blog is awesome also and I visit regulary... THANKS

Mocha Pink said...

Oh thak you so much!! I'm so excited...I've never got an award before. thank you so much for this award!! I'm gonna be a regular visitor now too!! PS Your blog is so cute too!!

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