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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love Your Blog Award For Lil' Ol' DtsArt Blog

Hey will you look at that. I woke up this AM to an award. At my advanced age I don't take awards lightly. When you grow up it is not like you get awards everyday. Oh how nice that would be, wouldn't it. Oh your hair looks great today, here is an award. Oh you did the right thing by returning that wallet, here's your award. How spectacular of you to clean up a mess that wasn't yours, here is your award. Nope, life's not like, so I appreciate when someone pauses from their day to say here is a gold star for you. Keep up the good work! Who was that someone? Well the one who paused from her busy schedule to say, "hey, I officially like your blog is...Judy from Judy's Card Making and Papercrafts Thanks so much Judy. Thank you for noticing my lil' blogging pit stop on the fast moving, fast paced, faster than the speed of light, net.
Now to officially get this award I have to mention 10 things that I love. Which is good because I really don't talk that much about myself, I never know what to say...LOL. Then I have to pass this lil' ol' blog award along to 10 others. So let's get this party started.
10 Things I LOVE.... in no particular order

#10. ABC's FlashForward....Oh man this show is so me!! It is not lost on me that there are a few alumni from Lost on there either...LOL Get it,? Lost on me...Lost from the Awesome Lost Show that just concluded their final season....LOL

#9. Mexican Food...LOVE IT... I don't know how many days straight I could eat Mexican food in a row, none of my family will let me find out. There all, "let's have some other kind of food". Shesh, what's wrong with them! There is no other kind of food there is just stuff we eat in between until we can get back to eating Mexican food...LOL

#8. Chocolate...Oh my I don't tell anyone this but I can and sometimes do eat it for breakfast. SSHHH!! don't tell the kids! I know right, how terrible is that?!! But you know what when I eat chocolate for breakfast I get why they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...LOL

#7. Big Brother. Oh Wow did I just admit that out loud? My husband likes me to keep this a secret and not tell too many people. He says the fact that I watch this show makes my IQ go down several HUNDRED points, and for the most part I agree with him. It is low brow, pitiful, excuse for entertainment....and I LOVE it. LOL I don't watch too much reality TV I watch Survivor sometimes but that's it, no idol, no dancing with the stars, no amazing race, no bachelor or bachelorette.... But Big Brother....Oh man stick a bunch of people in a house tell them they can't go anywhere, they have to compete in challenges, and if they don't do well in the challenges you are going to torture them with sub-human food known as slop and possibly vote them out....I am there, so there. So now if you have to stop reading my blog for all times, I understand. I get it, if you told me you watched big brother too I would have to consider that maybe I needed to stop hanging out with you too...Then we could talk about, "Can you believe what you know who did to so and so"...ROTFLMBO...

#6. Drawing, especially on the computer. I love it! What can I create today. What pretty colors can I watch dance across my screen as I move my pen across my wacom pad. What wonderful effects can I apply with my plugins to make people say how did she do that and me say, "Oh shesh how did I just do that...LOL

#5. Disney World...oh how I love it. It is not a place, it is a state of mind. This is the first place that my husband and I ever took a vacation to when we were first dating. I got married at Disney World at the Grand Floridian. It is where we went on holiday when I was pregnant with all 4 of my kids. It is the first vacation we took them on when they were born. It is a place that when I go on holiday, I still do not bring a computer, that I just soak in the whole experience. The place where I have my 4 kids and husband together without anyone needing to run off to.... For several days there are no other distractions other than being a family and spending time together, discussing memories and funny family moments and making new ones.

#4. My ipod! It is only thing that makes the treadmill bareable. You know I have to get on the treadmill, HELLO...I eat chocolate for breakfast!! You know that commercial for Microsoft where they have a man or woman tell you how great windows 7 is and they tell you what it can do and then they say that was my idea... Well the ipod was my idea... As a kid I always dreamed how great it would be to have a tv, radio, together in one device that you could carry around in your pocket. How amazing it would be to be able to just record songs that you liked and play them in any order whenever you wanted. Yea the ipod was my idea.....of course I am of the generation where parents first used the TV to baby sit their kids. I don't think it is any coincidence that Jobs and I are about the same age and from the same generation. I think the ipod was a collective idea that every kid my age dreamt about....because unlike today the grown ups chose what the family watched on TV back then. It was heaven when you were a kid and the TV was free and you could actually turn the channel yourself to watch what you wanted to. Now it doesn't matter. I have an ipod. Let my husband keep his "man" remote. I will just play on my ipod...Did I tell you that I got 5 million on the Wild West Pin Ball app. The high score for the house thank you very much...LOL

#3. My kids...4 of them. They are all great, have their own personality. Although they all look a like, they act nothing alike. Each one has wonderful attributes that I find myself admiring, that I don't possess myself. They are all perfect, everything I ever wanted...then they wake up....and act like, well they act like, siblings to each other... I know that I love them, I know this because in spite of having 3 teenagers in the house I don't choke'm.

#2. My husband... He is a wonderful man. That is all I will say because when I was filling out the form to get this blog they asked me if I would have adult content on this site and I said NO....LOL besides if I told you more you might be jealous and try to get him for yourself...LOL

#1. My Life....Oh how I love is wonderful. I get up everyday and say good morning to my 4 healthy well adjust kiddos and kiss my wonderful husband good morning. I am living the "Bewitched" life except I don't have all those crazy, cookey, witch and warlock relatives popping in making my life challenging...OK you got me, I don't have witch and warlock relatives, but I do have the rest and I really am living a "Bewitched" life. I guess I should have named my daughter Tabitha. I think my husband would probably prefer if we were living the, "I Dream of Jeannie" life but hey it's my blog I get to pick the TV show, but only on my blog... well and my ipod...Thanks for that Steve...LOL

Now to pass this award onto 10 blogs, in no particular order. These blogs always have some awesome projects on them.
1. Cindy's Wishes
2. Paper Crafts by Candace
3. Greenbean's Crafterole
4. A Place to BE HAPPY
5. Organized Chaos
6. Stuck On Glue
7. The Scrap Avenue
8. Turned Gypsy
9. Pink Cricut Dreamin'
10.  Papier Gardens
Now go explore why these blogs are so great.


Lolis said...

Congratulations on your blog award. You deserve it. Your blog is awesome!

Sandra P said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful blog award :)
It's great having your work being appriciated!

I'm definately linking back!

Sandra P

BTW....Your digi's are awesome!

Pink Cricut Mom said...

Thank you for the blog award! I was so shocked and overjoyed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've linked back in my post too! Congrats on getting this award - you really deserve it too!

I'll be back!

Lori (THCEO) said...

First of all, you are HILARIOUS!!! I think we would get along beautifully!!! :)

Secondly, thank you sooooo much for thinking of me for this FAB award! I got so excited when I got your message about it! I agree...we should definitely get "daily life" awards more often!!!

Thanks so much...I truly enjoyed reading your answers to the questions and scouring your blog for some AWESOME ideas!!! :)


Cin said...

OH!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AWARD..... I really do appreciate it. And I do love your blog too and have linked it to mine.... See you at Sugar Sweet Paper Treats too......

DtsArt said...

Mr. Lonely Although I appreciate everyone visting and especially commenting on my blog. I removed your comment from my blog. When I clicked and vistied your blog my computer came up that told me that there was malicious virus trying to attack my computer. I AM SURE IT WAS A FALSE POSITIVE, however I can't have my regular followers and those that take time to comment having to worry about the content on my site so I removed your post. I apoligize, but it had to be done.

DtsArt said...

Oh thank you guys so much! Thanks for reading my blog and Thank you for those that I gave the award to for well having Fantastic blogs for me to read and be inspired by. It is great having your work appreciated, you deserve the award right back. Lori I think your blog is too funny to. I love reading about your board of directors. Cin I am very excited about being a designer for Sugar Sweet Paper Treats too.

Love That Bug said...

Congrats Dhardi on your award, you really do deserve it. I enjoy everything about your blog. And yeah I agree, it would be nice to get awards everyday :)

Kerry said...

Congratulations on your blog award. Hurry up July. I love Big Brother too. lol

Candace Pelfrey said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! That was so sweet of you. Sorry for not responding sooner!! :)

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