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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chipboard Frame Hook Note Holder

Hi Dandi Crafters. I am always writing notes to myself and laying them on my desk. Unfortunately I then inevitably lay something over the note. I like to be able to look up and see the reminder. In other words I like the note to stand in front of me. I can only have so many post it notes stuck to my computer. :^) I had looked around for something like I had in mind but nothing seemed to really meet my needs. I want to be able to write a note and place the note back so I could be reminded. I also needed to be able to grab another piece of paper and not have to have a second note pad.
This is what I came up with. I designed it in Illustrator and brought it into Make The Cut MTC and cut it with my electronic cutter. I cut the frame out using chipboard (think cereal box. I try to upcycle when I can.) I actually use 2 layers of cereal boxes for the frame. I then used some 3M small wire hooks. I used E6000 Glue to secure the hook instead of the strips it came with. I wanted permanent placement. Before I attached the hooks I dabbed them with some alcohol inks to improve the look of them. After I attached the hooks I dressed them up a bit further with faux pearls. I cut out some paper for the pad using my cutting machine. The paper sheets are 4.5 x 3.5. The frame itself is a 5x7 turned on it's side. I was actually pleased and a little surprised how sturdy the note holder turned out to be. Usually my first attempts at an idea need quite a bit more tweaking. Maybe because I had this idea rolling around in my head so long the semantics and how tos worked themselves out. :^) Now I have a cute note pad that has the functionality that I need.

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