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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Glass Etched Personalized Casserole Dish

Hi Dandi Crafters, check out this cute casserole dish I made for niece. It turned out super cute. It was rather hard to get a nice shot of the Pyrex dish though. When I thought of personalizing the casserole dish I initially thought I would put her name on the sides but when I got home I realized that this particular Pyrex has a raised pattern around the sides of the dish, so I was going to have to decorate the bottom. I had seen so many cute casserole dishes in blogger land and Pinterest at first I didn’t know how to decorate it. I did know I wanted it to have a bit more of a food theme than I had seen. After giving it some thought I decided I wanted a Bistro Café Sign type of design, so I this is what I came up with.
I created the design in Illustrator
Then used my Make The Cut enabled electronic cutting machine to cut out the design on black vinyl. This design was mirrored before cutting.
I then used Armour Etching Crème to create the design.
After 25 minutes of letting the Etching Crème sit I rinsed it off.
I was pleased with the results. Now everytime she take the casserole dish to a potluck everyone will always know that this dish belongs to Monique.


teachdanz said...

that is sooo cute Dardi!! did you etch it on the inside or outside - just curious? miss the design team by the way:-)

DtsArt said...

Thanks! I etched the outside. That is why I had to mirror the design so it would be readable when you looked at it looking down. I am have been so busy I hope to get a DT call up soon. I am already working on the new term stuff. I hope to put the call up about Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Myrna said...

Great job and great idea.

Tracy said...

This is such a awesome gift.
The ultimate in personal gifts :)

Heide said...

What a super fab gift! I have always wanted to do etching and now you have giving me inspiration. TFS.

Ruthie Lopez said...

Dardi!! I love this project!!! Personalized gift!!

febe said...

Hi Dardi! This is a great project. I want one for a gift to a friend. :)

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