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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Corner Bookmark Tutorial using DtsArt Bookmark Loopy Frame

Hi Dandi Crafters! Today I am going to show you another way to use the DtsArt Bookmark Loopy Frame that was offered on Take Out Tuesday Download on July 27. We are going to make a Corner Bookmark with it. Both SVG and Sure Cuts Alot SCUT file are in the folder so you can use whatever cutting program you are comfortable with to cut the frame.
You may want to read through this tutorial first in case you want to do some of the extra steps that I took to embellishments my corner bookmark. For this project we need to gather the following supplies.
•Bone Folder
•Exacto Knife OR Scissors will work the same
•Glue Stick or ATG gun or other adhesive
Loopy Frames Download the file if you haven't already. We will be using the DtsArt Bookmark Loopy Frame.
• Card Stock Or Paper. It doesn't matter which. I like card stock.
• Little Embellishment such as, ribbon, flowers, glitter, Cricut cuts or any other small die cut you want to use to dress up your bookmark to make it pop.
Have you gathered all that? Great then! Let's get started.

1. You need to open the DtsArt Bookmark Loopy Frame File to 5.65 inches width and height and cut it out using your cutting machine.

2. Take your bone folder and ruler and score diagonally from corner to corner. Repeat with the remaining corners.

3. Fold on both score lines.

4. Notice how when folded the paper looks like it is divided into four scored triangles. Take your Exacto Knife or Scissors and cut out one of the triangles by following the score lines.

5. We  have cut the corner loops at the bottom in half. Take your Exacto Knife or Scissors and cut the other half of the loop off.

6. What we have remaining is the bases of our corner bookmark. We are now going to fold it.
a. Fold the first flap.

b. Fold the second flap.

7. When you have a nice crease you will put glue on the inside of the second flap and close the flap. Let dry.  Be sure NOT to glue that first flap down or else you will not be able to put your book pages in the book mark!

8. There you have a cute corner bookmark with sweet loopy bottom trim with very little work on our part! Now embellish the front and/ or back with your choice of scrapbook findings.
There you have it. A cute little bookmark. Perfect for summer reading. I made this one for my daughter. She is an avid reader (YEAH!!) and I make her several through out the year.
I have given the steps I took to embellish my corner book mark below in case you would like you would like to use some of the embellishment looks I have used.
I trimmed the corner top of the bookmark so that I could put a pink 3/8 ribbon tab on it. I then cut a stripe of red card stock at 1 1/2 inches in height and about 8 inches long and used a Martha Stewart Punch on the top and bottom of it to get a doily look. I then used SUPRISE! you guessed it, Cricut's Create A Critter Cartridge for the ladybug. LOL You can find the ladybug on page 66 of the handbook. I then felt like it need some sparkle so I added silver and red glitter to the wings and heart using my glitter paste. The glitter paste how to is outlined here. I also decorated the back too. Instead of another Create A Critter animal. I KNOW I KNOW!! Can you believe what restraint I used not to include another critter. LOL hehehe I used pink card stock to make a tiny tag and then put her initial J on it with an accent cut out in silver. This corner bookmark looks good whether you are looking at the front or the back.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seafriends Goodie Box

Hi Dandi Crafters! Check out this cute little Chinese Treat Box. It is just too cute to give treats in. It was created using MyGrafico designer Lindsay's Stamp Stuff. It is the Box Bonanza.

I used my Sea Friends Paper that I had on my computer to cut out the Chinese box. I have talked about my Sea Friends Line before on the blog. I then used of course my favorite Cricut Cartridge Create A Critter for the crab and the shell that reads, Especially For You! Both the crab and shell can be found on page 40 of the Create A Critter Handbook.

MyGrafico Challenge No # 59 Slumber Party Stamp : A Little Bird Told Me Cardi

Hi Dandi Crafters! It is time to wake up and see the glitter! LOL Today's happenings over at MyGrafico is a darling challenge that you will definitely have trouble slumbering through! This cute little Slumber Party/ Sleepover Digital Stamp set by Zen Ware Designs was just so much fun to use! Be sure to check the stamps out and pop over to the MyGrafico Blog Spot and check out the challenges over there and join the fun. If your feeling a bit chatty be sure to jump in and chat with everyone in the MyGrafico Community.

I had lots of fun with this little stamp. I entered the card in the following challenges:
Crafty Card Makers: Challenge #26 Joy's Recipe. This challenged was to use stickers or punches, the color orange or yellow, and include an animal or fish.
Wild Orchid Challenges : Lovely Lace. In this challenge participants were to use lace, real, stamped, punched, or paper.
Digital Tuesday Challenge : Challenge #69 Dazzle Me. The key elements to include in this challenge are to use a digital stamp, and to use glittery, sparkly or bling in your creation.
Creative Inspiration: Challenge #71 Animals. In this challenge participants are to incorporate an animal.

Now to explore the creative process of this card.At first, like what seems to be the usual with me, I was perplexed what to do... what to do with it. Then it hit me. Look at that pose! She definitely looks like a Dr. Doolittle type to me and who doesn't love being kept in the loop with a little gossip. So it hit me what she really needs is a sweet, little, glittering, gossiping bird to share secrets with! The swirly paper was again, say it with me," a paper I had made a while back and was sitting on my computer" Hey I heard that.... and,"YES as a matter of fact I do have a TON of papers sitting around on my computer. I would guestimate that I have oh around 300-500 paper on my computer that I have made. I have been drawing on the computer for about 10 year!! I have a HUGE back up disc that is almost full AGAIN of stuff that I have drawn...LOL
Ok but back to the subject, the green is just some green cards stock that I took a Martha Stewart punch to. I really like that punch. I use it a lot.  The little ring of the purple polka dotted paper, yes more paper I made, is from the Cricut Cartridge Create A Critter page 43, phrase button, and the little white circle is the same cut but with shift applied.
The font used to print out A little Bird is Memoir. The told me is Gentle Redhead Font.

So do you want to know what the little birdie told me...
It told me I should use more glitter on the inside...LOL and it was your birthday.... how cute is that little gift all glittered up!
The little talk bubble is again, Create A Critter page 60, the phrase button, and shift applied. Oh the present is just a wonderful Cricut Cut. It is from, LOL, Create A Critter page 57, the Accessory Button for the main gift, and use the same button with shift applied to get the bow for the gift. The fonts use on the inside, Monetery BT for It's your and Mon Amour Script with  swashes and ligatures applied for Birthday.
I am really loving the glitter paste so easy to make, to apply, and no 3 days later glitter shed! I hate glitter shed days later! I really like how it gives it a dimensional effect when it drys! I talked about how the glitter paste is achieved in this post here.

Thanks Dandi Crafters for stopping by again and crafting along

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take Out Tuesday Loopy Frames SVG Download July 27

Hi Dandi Crafters, Happy Take Out Tuesday to you! Today I have 3 loopy frame mats in the spirit of Martha Stewart. These are just too fun! They can be used separately or stacked together for a funky look. Although I wouldn't use these papers if you plan on stacking them for a project. WHEW tough on the eyes!! LOL They're just cute and they would make fun journaling boxes for Layouts too.

As always you will find both the SVG and the native Sure cuts alot format, SCUT, in the folders along with copyright and terms of use. I cut the polka dot frame at about 5.5 inches, the pink and green medallion was cut at about 4.5 inches and the pink heart frame was cut a mere 3 inches. Although all can be cut smaller than 3 inches the quality of the details did start to degrade if cut smaller than 3 inches.

The zip file includes:
•Bookmark Loopy Frame(shown in pink polka dot)
•Bracket Loopy Frame(shown in pink and green medallion)
•Corner Loopy Frame(shown in pink heart pattern)

I hope you enjoyed Take Out Tuesday's Download. I provide Take Out on Tuesdays for my regulars and followers. Take Out is available for download on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are not a blog follower considering becoming one so you will not miss any more Take Out Tuesday Downloads.

Download: No longer available. Please join us next Tuesday when Fresh Take Out will be posted. Be sure to become a follower so you will not miss anymore Take Out Tuesday Freebies. Take Out is posted for my followers to download on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we throw out the left overs

Friday, July 23, 2010

How SWEET RAK!! from TurnedGypsy

Look what was in my mailbox! I totally wasn't expecting it at all. It is TRUE RAK (Random Act of Kindness). It was from the talented, kind and very sweet, Chris Wooten of TurnedGypsy. I first met Chris a few months ago when I started hanging out on the Cricut MB. She had a few blog questions and wanted some work done on her blog. I told her I could help her out and we have been friends ever since. She emails me from time to time and ask me a question or two and I answer them. I also check her blog out regualarly. Well she emailed me one day and told me she sent me a little something. I was so suprised to see this great book! I am fairly new to card making and I have already learned a few things from the book. I am really enjoying the book. Thank you so much Chris! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MyGrafico Challenge No # 58 Summer Sweetie Girl: Relax On The Beach

Hi Dandi Crafters! Come'n at you with another MyGrafico Challenge. This week the Design Team and I used Summer Sweet Girl Stamps from digi stamp designer Dilek Design Studio. Be sure to check out all the projects from all design team members over at the My Grafico Challenge Blog. I also entered this card in Wee Memories Challenge #14 Summer Fun

I am real happy with the way this card turned out. I didn't have any sand beach type paper to speak of so I had to improvise on this card, BIG TIME!! LOL.

I had plain ol beige card stock paper to work with to make my sand effect. SNOOZE, BORING!!! But I fixed it up. I grabbed one of those tiny spritzer bottles you buy at the craft store, added about 1/4 to 1/2 full of water. Then I added some acrylic paint that I had handy. I used a copper bronze color, that had a bit of shimmer to it already. The exact color isn't important as you will probably want to use a color to your liking, not mine. LOL  I then added Liquitex iridescent medium and shook it all together. I then sprayed it on the front of the card. I didn't want any big blobs so I made sure to hold it a good distance, about 2 1/2 feet away from the card as I sprayed. I also used a tissue and blotted off any spray mist that I felt was too big of a spot for the project. I wanted it to look like glimmering sand on the beach. As you can see it really added something to the card.

I colored the digital stamps on my computer. I had some cute striped digital paper that I had made sometime ago that I thought was rather beachy in color so I used that re-sized for the chair. I then repeated the paper in it's original size to add a slash of color to the sand. Along with the striped paper I made some blue tiny heart bubbles paper. How CUTE is that paper for water, yea I thought so too! LOL The ocean is cut from the Cricut Cartridge Paper Doll Dress Up, page 78, Accessories 2, with shift applied. The clouds are from Cricut Cartridge Create A Critter, page 55,Phrase, with shift applied. I then embossed the scalloped accent strip, the beach ball and clouds with various cuttlebug embossing folders. I used Sure Cuts Alot, SCAL, to cute the scalloped accent strip, and the word Relax. Relax was cut out in the font Susa Regular. That is a ROCK'N font that is PERFECT to be cut as is in SCAL.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take Out Tuesday Cheery Cherry SVG Download

Cheery-O Dandi Crafters! Have I got a cheery or should I say a cherry of a download for you today on this fine Take Out Tuesday. Summer is here and there is nothing better than summer fruit, so fresh and good, so that is where I get my inspiration for today's file.
Of course both the SVG an SCUT files are included in the folder. The file was designed in SCAL 1 so it can be cut out in either SCAL 1 or SCAL 2.

The zip file includes:
•Shadow Layer (shown in yellow)
•Base Layer (shown in red but isn't very visible)
•Mid Layer (shown in green; leaves)
•Top Layer (shown pattern red; cherries)

The cherry die cut as it is shown here is just shy of about 4 inches.

Thanks for another successful Tuesday Take Out! I provide Take Out Tuesday Freebies as a way to say thank you to my regulars that follow me. Take Out Tuesday downloads are only available on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do not follow me consider doing so, so you won't miss any more Take Out Tuesday Downloads.

Download: No longer available. Please join us next Tuesday when Fresh Take Out will be posted. Be sure to become a follower so you will not miss anymore Take Out Tuesday Freebies. Take Out is posted for my followers to download on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we throw out the left overs

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get In Gear to Read This Summer Bookmark

Hi Dandi Crafters, happy Sunday to you. Don't you just love summer reading. Here is a little project to keep your younger readers motivated this summer.
The inspiration for this particular book mark came from the super cute stamp Mr. Robot by Tiddly Inks at MyGrafico be sure to check it out.
I used Sure Cuts Alot, SCAL to cut out the basic book mark shape. I used a circle shape and rounded rectangle shape welded together.
I then used the Cricut Cartridge Robotz for the gears, screws, and belts. That cartridge is so darn cute! All the gears, screws and belts used to embellish this bookmark can be found on page 71, 72, of the Robotz hand book.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MyGrafico Challenge No # 57 On The Line : Baby Girl Congrats

Hi Dandi Crafters! I am so excited, I am posting my first design as a Design Team member for MyGrafico!
The challenge was to use these adorable On The Line Stamps by Lindsay's Stamp Stuff. How cute are these stamps? Be sure to check out the My Grafico Challenge Blog

You can put whatever clothes you want on the little clothes line, beyond adorable!

I made this Congrats on your baby girl card for my part in the challenge.
I let the little stamp do most of the talking. I just gave it a bed of cuteness to accomplish the job. The pink scallop paper that the stamp sits on was accomplished using a Martha Stewart punch on the top and bottom. I then embossed it with a Cricut Cuttlebug folder. The heart paper is from my personal stash that I made a few years ago. I repeated the paper in the cute little boxers. The Congrats was cut out using SCAL, Sure cuts Alot. I think the card came out adorable, don't you?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take Out Tuesday: Checkered Square Card SVG Download July 13

Hi Dandi Crafter! I know why Your HERE! It is Tuesday and your hungry for some take out. Well as I hinted yesterday. I got a cute little checked square card. I personally love this look. Checks say whimsical like nothing else, and it doesn't even have to try! LOL
I find little square cards make wonderful cards to accompany any gift you plan on giving. The size shown here is 4x4 but you can easily adjust the size to your needs. This is an easy peasy little card. Just cut it out decorate it to your taste and it looks like you spent so much time on it. Both svg and SCUT files are included in file along with copyright and terms of use. The SCUT file was created in SCAL so it will work in both SCAL 1 and SCAL 2.

The zip file includes:
•Layer A(shown in polka dot yellow)
•Layer B (shown black)
•Layer C (not shown)
•Layer C- ALT (shown in white)

Layer C and Layer C-ALT are both bases for the card. The C-Alt layer is a folded card while Layer C is just a flat note card. You will have to figure out how to score and fold the Layer C-ALT in half all by yourself though. I am sure you can handle it,you are talented....ROTFLMBO {Smile} You know if you posted a link of projects you used my file in it would make my day :-) Now go forth and create.

Download: No longer available. Please join us next Tuesday when Fresh Take Out will be posted. Be sure to become a follower so you will not miss anymore Take Out Tuesday Freebies. Take Out is posted for my followers to download on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we throw out the left overs

Monday, July 12, 2010

Funky Glitter and Bling Smile Flower 4x4 Card

Hi Dandi Crafters, the challenge over at Sugar Sweet Paper Treats is to create some Flower Power and Bling Up! Oh I love Glitter. It so pretty but the MESS, oh the mess. Not the first mess, that I can deal with. I hate the mess that glitter creates 3 days later as it shed glitter everywhere. LOL Because of the residue glitter shed I have started making glitter paste. I love the effect. When it dries it is so glittery and pretty but no glitter shed 3 days later! YEA!! I just mix the glitter in with some Diamond Glaze. I just love how this little card came out. It is a little 4x4 card to acompany a gift. The flower is from the Cricut Create A Critter Cartridge. I just love that cartridge. I love the little smile the flower has, just so darn cute! I used SCAL to cut out the word smile and glittered that up too because, well that little flower makes me smile! The card is just a little card base I whipped up. Check back tomorrows for Tuesday Take Out for more details about that.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trendy Blog Award and A Sunshine Blog Award!

LOOK!!! More proof that I am not the lone reader of my blog!!! GOOD TO KNOW!! The very crafty Lolis from My Creative Corner awarded me this blog award! More over it says I am trendy.... Oh that is so much better than what my husband calls it...he always says, "YOU are such a consumer." Be sure to hop over to My Creative Corner and tell her how much you agree with her about my beautiful trendy award...ROTFLMBO {Smile} Don't blog awards just make you feel so good!
To accept this award I have to pass this award along to 10-12 other wonderfully, noteworthy, deserving blogs.

So on with the show in no particular order....
Erin Lee Creative
Life is Beautiful
Wildy Whimsical Crafting Loft
Scrappy Girl
Crafty Raccoon Eyes
Welcome to My G Spot
7 Peas In Our Pod
Everyday Gifts
Cricaholics Serenity
Goddess of Whimsy
Tammylee's Stamp Corner

Ladies. thank you all for having such great blogs to inspire and delight all us net users as we travel down the information highway, please take both awards!
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