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Monday, February 22, 2010

You Bloggers Want Us To Grab Your Buttons

"So how about instructions on how to do it? And I mean step-by-step! How/where do we put it into our profile?
Thanks!" Posted by Kathy B on the Cricut MB.
"Well DUH! as a graphic and web designer I should have already put up instructions on this. I am always sending instructions on FAQ when I do websites, templates, blogs and such. LOL Thanks Kathy B. for asking this questions. Sorry I don't know where I misplaced my manners. LOL So Here is how to add a button to your blog.

1. Sign into your Blogger account.(Top Upper Right Hand Side of Blog)
2.Click the Layout Tab
3.When on the Layout Page Click Add Gadget (A new Add A Gadget Window will Open)
4. Choose Html/JavaScript (Click the + plus sign)

5. Add title if desired (title is optional)
6. Copy the code from my code button box (make sure to copy all the code)
7. Paste the Code in the Content Box of Add A Gadget Window
8. Press Save (Now the window will disappear and once again you will be on your layout page)
9. Press Save on your Layout Page
10. View your Blog to make sure that you were successful.
Thanks so much for posting my button to your blog.


AndreaA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Darling blog! I love your siggy!
I have a blog button up for grabs!
I love all the polka dots! Great blog!

Lesleyanne said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion to make a button on my blog,! I have, and I've grabbed yours! Thanks again, Lesleyanne

The6ofusinca said...

wow! AAAwesome step by step directions!!! thank you so very much!
Grabbed your button and will learn how to make my own now thanks to you!

Susan said...

I'm new to this blogging and I'm old, so forgive me please if I am missing the obvious. But, please, how do I add the "home" "contact" "etc" buttons acrost the top and connect them to the appropriate posts? With Bloggers instruction I can get the words up, but not the connections.

Ruvic said...

thank you so much for this. this was the easiest of all instruction to follow. from this I figured out how to grab other bloggers buttons. Now on to creating my own. thanks again so much. btw, grabbed your button as well. awesome help.


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