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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MyGrafico Challenge No # 63 : Halloween Apple Brothers Stamp :Trick or Treat Night

Hi Dandi Crafters! Don't get spooked but this week over at MyGrafico Challenge Blog we turn our attention to Halloween. LOL I just love this darling Halloween Apple Brothers Stamp by Cherie Reve.

You can check out the whole gallery of talented artist at MyGrafico.
The reason I loved working with this whimsical stamp so much, is that I have 3 boys close in age and when they were little I used to dress them in matching and coordinating outfits all the time. This brought back fun memories of those days.
I enjoyed making this card. I do want to say however that the card layout is scrap lifted from someone. I apologize I did not taking note of who's blog it was. If it is your card I scrap lifted email me and I will definitely give you credit for the layout. Not everything is exactly the same but enough of it that I feel I needed to give credit, just wish I remembered to who....LOL
All the pattern paper is my original designs. I have to say to those of you that buy and USE pretty pattern paper and card stock. I admire you. I only buy it. I can't bring myself to use pattern paper that I buy. I am guessing that it is because if I use it then I won't have it in the future when that perfect project comes along that I need it for....LOL Yes, yes I do know rationally that the perfect project I am saving it for will NEVER come along but scraptionally (like my word, just made it up feel free to use it. LOL. It means scrap rationality. Which we all know is something entirely different that rationality.ROTFLMBO) I can't bring myself to part with the pattern paper, to take scissors to it, to give it the honor of being placed on my Cricut mat for cutting. LOL ....Anyway back to the pattern paper. I think harlequin paper is just so fun for Halloween, don't you. Polka dot paper is great for every occasion. The orange pumpkin paper was just a no brainer for the card, although it was a multicolor paper I added an effect to make it a monochromatic. What about that spooky tree isn't it cute. It is from Cricut Cartridge Paper Doll Dress up page 52, accessories 3 with shift applied. I then added black glitter paste. Hey if I didn't add glitter paste to it how else would you know it's me...LOL I added it this time not so much to make it sparkley but to give it some spooky texture. I then added a few little rhinestones just for fun. And there you go one cute halloween card!


Tammylee said...

Super cute apples! Love your layout too.

AmandaB said...

Awww, what an adorable card and image..


Ladybuglair75 said...

Oh my...buying but not using pattern paper....ME TOO! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one that does that! And for the same reason too! LOL!

As usual you have made another gorgeous card! The glitter paste on the tree was a beautiful touch. I really like the layout.

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

Cute, Tazza!! Love the tree!

Tazza said...

LOL why thanks Vera! ROTFLMAF... Ummm I must have did this with my Mad ESP skills... =D hahaha.. I couldn't resist.

Great Job as usual Dardi! Seriously your talent always amazes me! I love seeing what you will come up with each week!

Trinh said...

This is very cute, Dardi! Love the papers you created and that spooky tree!

DtsArt said...

Oh Thanks everyone!

LOL Tazza...hehehehehe. I wish you would craft more using your ESP SKILLS especially when I am stuck as to what to do like I get on some projects....LOL :-)

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