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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Matchbook Notebook

Hi Dandi Crafters! The other week I shared with you my cute little strawberry SVG download on Take Out Tuesday. (Did you miss it? If you did there is still a chance you can get it. Go to this post here and tell me which you would like for the 200 followers celebration.) I thought the little strawberry that I made for demonstration was so cute that I should do something with it.

School is right around the corner, and it always seems I need paper to write notes on for various reasons, taking someone's email address, phone number, or giving them mine. I always seem to be digging in my purse for paper in the hall ways of the school when dropping my kids off. LOL I decided to be proactive this time and I made myself this cute little matchbook notepad. How CUTE!! is it!!?!! I know it is too cute! It is about 4.25 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It is the perfect size for scrap paper that I always seem to be digging for.
The whole purpose of this project was to use the strawberry SVG die cut. I thought, "Hey. I will break out the strawberry paper that I designed too". Since the inside is visible I didn't want to leave it plain so I made double sided card stock by adding some polka dots in the mix.
I know there is all the excitement and the hype of the Cricut Imagine right now, and I too am excited to get one; however, hybrid print and cut projects are an option with your Cricut already if you have it enabled with a program like SCAL or Make The Cut. You just have to know that the x and y axis that the programs show you are your friend. They allow you line up your printing with your cutting.
Anyway I made up the cute little paper in paint shop pro, printed it off and cut it out. I don't have a Bind it all or Cinch. DARN IT! so I am left with the option of staples or notepad glue. I decide to go with staples this time. LOL I printed about 50 little note pad paper. I cut them out using my SCAL enabled Cricut 4 at a time. Since the point of this little matchbook notebook was to have scrapbook paper I wanted to be sure I could tear out the pages easily to be able to give them away. So I used my handy dandi little perforater by EK Success Cutterpede. I will tell you, I don't use the perforater very much at all in projects however when I need perforation there is NO REPLACING it. LOL After perforating the pages I just got my heavy duty stapler out and just stapled the pages into my little matchbook. The pages tear out, it is functional, and cute. What more could I ask for.

I finished decorating the front by glittering a smaller strawberry svg. I also used the Cricut Storybook Cartridge and cut out the word Sweet for the front finished up the look with some ribbon and a Martha Stewart Border Punch.
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