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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blogging Out Loud Re: 200 Followers Celebration Input

Hi Dandi Crafters! It looks like I am closing in on 200 followers. 100 followers kind of snuck up on me and I can't say that I was all that prepared for it. So I have been thinking about 200 followers and what to do. So I am blogging out loud in hopes that you my followers will give me some input on what you would like for the 200 Celebration. You let me know what you think. Here are some thoughts:

1. Make ALL previous Tuesdays Take Outs available for download for a week so everyone can catch up on the ones they might have missed.

2. Give away a Blog Make Over

3. Give away 5 complete sets of my never released monster SVG's

4. Give away 5 blog grab button designs

5. Give away to 5 followers 12 digital scrapbook paper files so they can print them whenever they want.

6. Do a general scrapbook RAK, of scrapbook stuff, that I mail.

Here is the sample of the monsters.


Cokie Pop Paper Boutique said...

Blog buttons or a signature are a great idea. I'm always looking for some cute ones.

Girl E said...

I love the idea of having access to the Tuesday take outs. Thanks and hope you reach 200 soon!!! :-)

sucor said...

Only 35 to go! I also love the idea of having access to the Tuesday take outs.

DtsArt said...

Thank you to EVERY SINGLE ONE that is taking the time to leave input. I appreciate it so very much. I will be watching the comments on this thread very closely. I provide Take Out Tuesday and Celebrations of blogging milestones as a appreciation for those that follow me.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday take outs sounds great to me.

Cyndi Ray said...

I like the idea of having all the Take-Out Tuesdays available again!! I just found your blog not too long ago and would love to see what I missed before that!

ginner said...

Either access to all the Tuesday takeouts, or a blog makeover...or both ;).

Marilyn said...

the Tuesday Takeouts would be my choice since I just recently found you....thanks!

Nan said...

I would like take out Tuesday files. They are soooo adorable.

thetresamigos said...

I say all your takeouts!!


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