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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take Out Tuesday Freebie: Super Dad Title SVG Download June 15

Happy Take Out Tuesday all you Dandi Crafters! Since Father's Day is less than a week away. I have a Super Title for you this week to help all those procrastinators out there get ready for Father's Day! A Super Dad Title SVG Download.
Super Dad as shown here is about 2.5 inches tall. The exact measurements can be found in the text file along with the copyright and terms of use. Both svg and SCAL, scut files are included in the folder. The scut file was created in SCAL so it should work in SCAL 2 or SCAL 1.

The zip file also includes:
•A shadow Super Dad(shown in black)
•A Base Super Dad (shown in yellow)
•A Dad Layer (shown in red)

DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebies are provided as a way to say thank you to my followers and available for a limited time only, Tuesday and Wednesday, so be sure to download it soon. Thank you for being a regular to my blog and for following me. If you are not a follower please become one so you don't miss the next Take Out Tuesday Download. Enjoy, I hope everyone has a lovely Father's Day!

Download: No longer available. Please join us next Tuesday when Fresh Take Out will be posted. Be sure to become a follower so you will not miss anymore Take Out Tuesday Freebies. Take Out is posted for my followers to download on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we throw out the left overs.


Cin said...

Great Titleing For Fathers Day...

I have a little something on my blog for you.....

Trisha said...

Super Dad is super cute! Thank you.

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