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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DtsArt 100 Followers Celebration!

Hi all you Dandi Crafters!! I am happy to say that I have reached 100 Followers! YEA ME!! GO ME!! LOL No really YEA YOU!! and Thank You! I have to say that I have come here unprepared. I feel like one of those actresses at the Oscars that comes up on stage and gives a lame, dorky, but disarmingly charming, speech because she had nothing prepared because she didn't think she would win. Well I don't know, I guess I thought it would take longer to be reach 100,or some of you, a lot of you, would come to the conclusion you got it wrong, I am not crafty and stop following me. LOL Well thank you for sticking with me and following me and maybe thinking from time to time that I have a crafty good idea. Any way I just wanted to say Thanks and to come back Wednesday! Ya, by then I will have 1. Figured out something, and 2. Have time enough to create it and upload it. I didn't want to reach 100 followers and not acknowledge it and say Thank YOU! OK See Ya back on Wednesday!
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