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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cricut Green with Envi Blog Make Over

I had the chance to work with a GREAT Cricut Enthusiast Sandy from Cricut Green with Envi with a blog makeover. Although Sandy's blog name really worked for her, to convey her enthusiasm with the Cricut her previous blog theme didn't convey her excitement. I worked with Sandy to give her a look that not only conveyed her passion for the Cricut it also got her away from the generic cricut look that many turn to identify that they are fans of the cricut. I helped Sandy find a look that not only identifies her a huge Cricut enthusiast but also help her stand out from the Cricut pack. It was super getting to know Sandy while working with her. I don't think I have worked with a more generous person. Pop over to her blog Cricut Green with Envi and have a look around. I bet some of her Cricut enthusiasm will rub off on you too. LOL


CJToo ~ Tracy said...

very that bug! Great job girl!


Karen~Independent Scentsy Director said...

Love your blog. The colors are very appealing.

The Cropping Canuck said...

I have admired your blog work for awhile. You are very talented.

Cricut Green with Envi said...

Hi Dardi

I am still in my happy place with my new blog makeover!!! You did such a great awesome job, my daughter who works social media for a hospital told me that every time someone post on my blog my blog shows up in her alerts, LOL she was very impressed with my new look! so thanks again

DtsArt said...

:-) So glad you are happy with your blog Sandy. I think it really works for you.
Thanks for the kind words y'all

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