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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year.....New Try

I have to admit I don't get this whole blogging thing. Everyone seems to have a blog and SOME seem to LOVE IT! I read some blogs and they are REALLY GREAT, filled with witty humor and at the end of the post you have learned something too. You think WOW this is a really great blog, I should blog too. Then you come across those blogs that are just a useless waste of space on the net taking up valuable search results when you are looking for something on the internet, then you say to yourself, "That is why everyone shouldn't blog." I guess also too, I suffer from the "Young Harry Potter Syndrome". "I'm not a wizard. I can't be. I'm Harry, just Harry." I am just me, why would anyone want to read my blog much less follow it. Why, indeed? Well I hope that I will be the former type of blog and not the latter. But either way it is good to try new things so here I go! Wish me luck won't you.


The6ofusinca said...

Keep trying at your blog, I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thank you for all the tutorials, I have learned a lot from you!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

You have the cutest blog! And you're projects are all too adorable.

I wanted to drop in to tell you thank you again for your comment on my interlocking box on the mb. I appreciate when someone does that.

Have a great day, and...

I'll be seeing you!

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