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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Spring Glitter Glass Note & Photo Holder

Hi Dandi Crafters. Today I am sharing with you this darling Note and Photo Holder I made from an upcycled glass bottle.
The bottle had been sitting in my daughter's room for eternity. When I found it the other day the bottle had a medley of stickers on it all under gray electrical tape with sharpie marker all over it. You could tell that she had been using it for this play idea and that play idea before loosing interest and abandoning it to a corner of her room.

I rescued it and after cleaning it up, I had a go at decorating. I used pledge floor wax and glitter on the inside to get a pretty glitter look. I thought of using as a vase but I know from the glitter ornaments that I made a few years ago that the glitter can be scratched off quite easily and wasn't sure that it would pretty that long if I re purposed it as a vase. Also I had been wanting to try my hand at a few flower techniques that I had been pinning to my Craft Flower Board on Pinterest. I decided on this foreign tutorial on hydrangea flowers.

 After giving it some thought I decided I wanted to add purpose to the bottle so I took some wire and made it a photo holder. I also added a clip that can hold a note or another photo. I covered the lid with little hydrangea flowers and tiny faux pearls. It came out too cute. The lid would also make a darling place card holder too I think.

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