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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Blogging Public Service Announcement: Watermark Part 2 Grab It!

Hi Dandi Crafters! I am back to talked more about watermarking your pictures. I know you are going, "Oh my word what more can be said. You said SO MUCH in your last post." I am here to say, "I know." But that is not why I am back today. I can't believe how many have commented and emailed me to thank me for this post, to say oh I never knew that, or I knew but I got lazy, and honestly who doesn't at times. It is the kind of thing that you don't see the results if you do it, Unfortunately you only see the results when you don't do so it lends itself to letting you be lazy.
If you are just arriving to the blog, please take a seat and you can click to read the orginal post A Blogging Public Service Announcement: Watermark Those Pictures!

Since so many of you have taken notice of the watermark post I thought I would make a watermark to help you on your way. In the zip folder you will find a watermark like the one in the sample above. You can put your own name, blog name, blog address or email address, whatever information you would like on there. The font I used in the sample above was Kayleigh. Do a search on google it is all over the internet for free. I don't remember what I used for the fat font, sorry.

You will notice that I didn't folllow my own advice and watermark it. Well that is because I want you to take it. Really I honestly don't care what you do with it. Use it, share it, email it to all your friends, make your friends one. Post about it on your blog, link them here(appreciated) or not. Take the file and put it for download on your blog. Really I don't care what you do with it. As the title states it is a blogging public service. The public is wonderful, the public can be creepy too, so let me say, "I wish you wouldn't claim it as your own or sell it, but if you do "hey, I am not going to lose sleep over it." You are probably already losing sleep just knowing you're a dog ;-). I know your really a good person deep down. I know, I know....nobody in prison thinks they are a bad human being either. The only thing you CAN'T DO is use my hosting service to host this file for your downloads on your blog, website, or web page. Absolutely NO Hotlinking. You want to share this file on your blog feel free, just make sure you host the file YOURSELF.
Watermark Template Download
Enjoy and feel free to drop by and invite me and my readers to see your newly watermarked pictures. This has been a blogging public service announcement so be sure to share the message with your friends, team mates, family anyone who post any images to the web!


Bee's hive said...

Such an important thing! I've already noticed "copies" of a couple of my files out there!

Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you so much. I have been making double sure to watermark my pictures since you post.

LizArt said...

Thanks a lot by this, so important. Best Regards.

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for writing about this, and for sharing the watermark element. I don't have a blog (at least not yet), but I still would prefer that people not steal my work.

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