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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EB Bunny SVG & New Design Team Members

Hi Dandi Crafter. This is a special Take Out Tuesday for me and I couldn't be more excited! Take Out Tuesday will now have an added dimension, we will now get to see projects designed with DtsArt SVGs to give you added inspiration! You can purchase the bunnies used in this weeks projects at my new home away from home on the web DtsArt on DieCut Wait until you see what the DtsArt Design Team has come up with. There some great projects!
I  will still be giving away Take Out Tuesday SVGs. Just scroll down to the next post. This week the svg design team worked with EB Bunny Easter Bunny Boy and Girl SVG.
Bunny Boy and Bunny Girl as you see them here are about 3.5 inches tall. In the folder you will find copyright, terms of use and measurements, along with SVG files, mtc files and scut files.

The zip file includes:

•Bunny Boy Shadow (Not shown)
•Bunny Boy Base Blackout Layer (Shown in Black)
•Bunny Boy Ears and Nose Layer (Shown in Pink)
•Bunny Boy Body Layer (Shown in Grey)
•Bunny Boy Overalls Bottom Layer(Shown in Light Blue)
•Bunny Boy Overalls Top Layer (Shown in Light Blue)
•Bunny Boy Tail (Shown in Grey)
•Bunny Boy Button (Shown in Turquoise Blue)
•Bunny Boy Arm (Shown in Grey)

•Bunny Girl Shadow (Not shown)
•Bunny Girl Base Blackout Layer (Shown in Black)
•Bunny Girl Ears and Nose Layer (Shown in Pink)
•Bunny Girl Body (Shown in Grey)
•Bunny Girl Dress (Shown in Lavender)
•Bunny Girl Tail (Shown in Grey)
•Bunny Girl Bow Blackout (Shown in Purple)
•Bunny Girl Bow (Shown in Lavender)
•Bunny Girl Bow (Shown in Purple)
•Bunny Girl Arm (Shown in Grey)

Even though there are several layers to each bunny, assembly is mostly stacking larger layers. The only small cuts are the bow assembly, the tails, and the button. All other assembly is a matter of straightening the stacked layers on each other. You will not have to work with small eyes,nose mouth and inside ears parts those are built into the layers.
Before we get started oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhhing over the creations by the DtsArt Design Team SVG Creative Team I would like to introduce my whole DtsArt Design Team:
DtsArt Digtial Stamp Creative Team:
Katie Punk Projects
We will be seeing the DtsArt Digtial Stamp Creative Teams wonderful creations a bit later in the month.

DtsArt SVG Creative Team:
Alyssa Leanne
Katie Punk Projects
Katie KtsAngel
Now onto what you have been waiting for, to see what the DtsArt Design Team SVG Creative Team has come up with.


Lisa R. said...

Great projects! Thanks for the inspiration.

Miranda said...

great cards by your DT and lovely images, so cute

Hestia's Helper said...

They turned out great!
It must be so exciting for you to see your projects come to life!
What a great mix you put together for your Creative Team... we all bring something fresh and different, and really showcase how versatile your files can be!
I'm having a BLAST so far and can't wait to start my next project! (-:


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