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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes To Take Out Tuesday

Hi Dandi Crafters! I was going to post this at the top of Take Out Tuesday but it seemed too long so I decided to make it a post. I just wanted to take a minute and say, "Yes I will continue Take Out Tuesday". Some of you have noticed my silence on the PC lawsuit against MTC, and I have gotten a few emails asking me since MTC and SCAL will no longer work with the Cricut did I plan to continue making svg files. First let me say that previously purchased versions of mtc will still work as long as you do not update your Make The Cut Software or update the firmware on your cricut.
For the time being I will continue to use my cricut and mtc software without updating either. This is not a big deal to me. I used and still use the original SCAL so although the new features and updates are nice I personally don't need them to achieve results as I usually design most of my svg outside of these programs anyway. I do plan to buy a different cutter but which one and when I haven't decided on. Yes I think PC has acted in a manner unbecoming to a reputable business, but not for the reasons many others have mentioned, but for letting all the misinformation, letting their board members sling mud and make disparaging remarks on their discussion board about the third party software and their owners. Either one can talk about 3rd party software on the PC message board or one can't. It shouldn't be permitted for one to discuss third party software as long as one is slinging mud and making outlandish and disparaging remarks about it. If you see me on either of the boards I will still be friendly,nice, and there to see what everyone creates, keeping my opinion about controversial subjects to myself.
Lastly I would like to add that even though for the near future I will not be updating my MTC software I plan to donate when new MTC updates become available because I want MTC to be around when I am ready to update. MTC is a wonderful software program and has its finger on the pulse of where cutting machines are heading. I think the future is in buying and using individual cuts not in a collection. I think sooner or later everyone will get tired of limiting their cutting content to what is on a cartridge, especially as svg online libraries continue to grow. I see more and more companies and individuals offering both free and pay original svgs to cut. Spending $50.00 on a cartridge when you only want 4 of the images really will get harder and harder to justify. I feel even PC will eventually have to see the truth in that statement. I predict that the crafting industry standards will eventually force PC to offer individual content to their consumers or become a relic. It won't happen today, or tomorrow, maybe not even a year from now, but the days when arbitrary content is put on a cartridge and sold without regard to what the buyer wants is coming to an end.
So to say it simply Take Out Tuesday is alive and well. I will see you tomorrow.


Jean said...

Nicely said and happy you will continue this. I just recently got SCAL and I will also just not be updating to continue using it. It is much better to be able to buy just a few images than to have to buy a whole cart for a few images.

Karen said...

Thank you also for continuing to do Take Out Tuesday. I enjoy your files and won't be doing any updates.

Loopy said...

another one to well said. i too have Scal love your take out tuesday and wait for them each week.. faithfully. i too will not be updating.

Bobbi said...

Very well said. I too love MTC and SCAL. I also appreciate your files. Thank you so much.

DtsArt said...

Thanks guys, I think the majority of people that use 3rd party software can't imagine going back to only predetermined cuts.

Bee's hive said...

Oh my lord NO! I could never. So when my Cricut wears out I won't be getting another, I will buy one that supports my need to break away on my own.
I agree there is no need to start acting like freaks about this issue. A polite discussion may inform others that this has already been decided A long time ago, SCAL & MTC aren't doing anything wrong and it's perfectly legal.
As you know I love your files...and am so happy you will continue to move forward.

Jani said...

Totally agree! Love the ability to make and share svg files. Can't imagine going back to just using cartridges.

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