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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pedal Growing Flower Mini Albums WINNERS ARE!!!

Hi Dandi Crafters please join me in congratulating the winners of the Pedal Growing Flower Mini Albums SVG Cut File Giveway!
The winners are:
Winner #1
"Mrs. Daniels First Grade said
I love these. Can see many uses in my classroom. Hope you pick me.
Tammy Daniels"

Winner #2
Steph @ Crafting in the Rain
"I love it too. Great job!"

Winner #3
"This is beautiful! My favorite month was November and they are all really pretty. You do such great work and I love your ideas. TFS. Rosie"
Congratulations to all of you!! Also I decided to draw a couple of bonuns winners too and they are:
Bonus Winner #1
Coach Fans
"You really want me to pick just one month? That is way too difficult because every month came out great. Summer was fun, but March colors were vibrant. Like I said...ALL! Georgiana"

Bonus Winner #2
"This is super! I love October and how you wrote Boo on the window cling. Ok, now I have to get me some of that stuff, it looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing this!"

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! I appreciate it. It is fun for me when followers and regulars take time to post on my blog! I try to make my blog fun for all of you as well that is why if your name was not selected and you were one of the 19 that took the time to comment on my original post before the deadline, you can contact me tell me what number your original comment was (It won't be hard to figure out there was only 19 post.) and I will send the flower growing mini album svg cut file too! You have until March 9, 2011 to contact me. Please use the link listed in this blog post and be sure to give your name, email address and original comment number. I get a lot of email at the link above and if you don't give me identifying information it is very hard to know what you are emailing me about! LOL
The mini album svg cut file which contains mtc and scut formats can be purchased from online store


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Wow, thanks Dardi! I'm so excited to use this!

cricutalltime said...

congrats to all the winners.

patchworkhen said...

I love this album unfortunately (for me) I was not one of the winners. Is there another way to get this file?

blessings, patchworkhen

DtsArt said...

patchworkhen YES there is another way for YOU!! to get the file. Read the post. I tell all 19 people who commented on the original post what to do to get the file sent to them! Hint: look for the red contact me link. LOL I hope to hear from you soon!

Tracy said...

Oh my this is adorable.
Congrats to the winners.

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