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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Which to Buy Sure Cuts Alot 2 or Make The Cut

Hi Dandi Crafters. I am on the fence and I am hoping that some of you can help me off the fence. If you are a regular follower of my blog you probably know that I still am one of the only people still using SCAL 1, Sure Cuts Alot version 1. Well I have decided to upgrade in the next little bit, but I haven't decided which program I should upgrade to. I currently have Make The Cut trial version downloaded to my computer and have played with it some. I have not downloaded SCAL 2 yet because I am a little apprehensive it will be a hassle to revert the changes back to SCAL 1 if I decide not to purchase it. I am sure I will get around to downloading it at some point. I still want to be able to use SCAL 1 when I want. :-) LOL

I have turned to you my followers, those of you that besides me use my files to give me a little guidance as to which program I should go with Sure Cuts Alot 2 or Make the Cut. What to you think? What are your experiences with either program? Maybe you like that I always post my files using SCAL 1 because I am not the only user still using SCAL 1 like I think? Maybe you used one and switched and are just in love with it, maybe you just want me to stick with the same format because that is what you are used to, just let me her your voice on the subject. I really look forward to reading your comments and I appreciate everyone who will take the time to comment to help me make my decision.


Hestia's Helper said...

It's a tough choice to make, for sure!
I am a current MTC convert and I'll share my reasons for my choice and hope it helps you.
I still have SCAL and use it occasionally, because I'm familiar with it. But as I learn MTC, I'm finding I prefer it much more!

Things I prefer:
~MTC has "Print and cut". You can draw a shape, fill it with a digi-paper pattern, print it and cut it out. See my post HERE for an example!
~MTC has "Bezier Warp". This is a cool tool for creating titles. You type in text or a shape and drag the handles and it puts it on a curve.
~MTC has a "Gallery". When looking for shapes to cut, search the gallery and there are hundreds of them available. Type in search word (I looked up "Holly"). It brings up several choices. You just click it and it pops on the mat.
~MTC can import SCUT files. So all my files that have been created in SCAL still work... just click "Import SCUT".
~MTC has "Lattice"... really cool feature that creates a lattice effect on any shape.
~MTC seems faster to me and the past few times I've use SCAL, it has crashed on me ("Not Responding").
~The layers and colors menu on MTC is easier to use. You can right click on a layered image and click "Each to it's own" and it automatically puts them in separate layers- super-quick and easy!
~You can install MTC on more than one computer! You have unlimited installs!
I ordered MTC on sale and even tho they sneaked in a $5 processing fee (it was $5 more than I expected at checkout, so I think it was an add-on fee for using Paypal), it was still right around $60.

I know that's a LONG response, but there are so many reasons that I prefer MTC now and I'm very happy I switched!

Patricia Hurlburt said...

I use MTC. It is SWEEEET! You get free upgrades as well. They currently have the beta version 3.0for free trial download. This new version has print and cut capabilities and lots of bells and whistles. You should download the trial and play with it a little.

Chris said...

I still use SCAL 1. And I'm one of the people who probably won't upgrade until, well, I don't know when. Probably never. :)

Amy said...

I was a scal1 user for a long time and didn't want to upgrade to scal2 because I was afraid that scal1 wouldn't work anymore! I finally did it and actually kept scal1 on my computer "just in case" but haven't used it one day since upgrading to scal2. I LOVE scal2. It's great and all upgrades are free also once you change over to scal2.

DtsArt said...

Thank you to everyone that took time to comment. I appreciate it so much!! You all have given me lots to think about.
Hestia.... Thank you so much for your comments. Your project is beautiful and you told me somethings about MTC that I did not know.
Boy this decision is going to be tough...

I am still welcoming all comments so please keep them coming.

7524kes said...

I still use SCAL1 (thanks for the gift card file!). Instead of upgrading to SCAL2, I went with MTC about a month ago because of the new print/cut feature. Love it! Really works great with a few adjustments for individual printers. I wasn't charged a processing fee as someone mentioned. Cost $58.36 on current sale using PayPal. Good luck making your decision.

Raven B said...

I have scal2 and I love it. It is a lot easier to use than scal1 was imo. But...that being said I've seen some awesome things made with MTC and now I'm thinking about getting that one too. Good luck in your decision.

S Glup said...

I'm sure by now you've made your decision, but wanted to share that once I upgraded to SCAL 2 and never used SCAL 1 again....LOVE IT!!! Love your blog and will be adding you to my favs:0)

}}}HUGS{{{,Sheri G

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