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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

100 In Thank You

Hi Dandi Crafters. I just wanted to say thank you. A week ago I posted this message."Hi Dandi Crafters! Before we get to today's Take Out Tuesday, I would appreciate it if you took sometime out of your busy day and looked to the right side of the blog toward the top, see the Top 100 Digital Stamping Sites button. If you could take a moment and click it. I would be every so thankful. When the clicks going in says 100 I will put up a freebie."
I reached 100 clicks and  appreciate everyone that took the time to click for me. Come back on Thursday I will post a free digital stamp for you to download. Until then be sure to scroll down to the previous post to download this weeks Tuesday's Take Out, candy corn.

Thanks so much for all your clicks.


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