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Friday, September 3, 2010

Personalized Cherry Note Memo Paper and Box

Hi Dandi Crafters! I don't know about you but I use a lot of memo notes. I recently ran out of whatever I was using before and found myself searching for paper whenever I needed to jot down a note, list, figures or what have you. I couldn't really find any tutorials on how to make the memo box so I just figured it out for myself. I decided I wanted memo paper about 4x5.5 roughly the size of an A2 card. I made up a file to cut with my SCAL enabled Cricut using Paint Shop Pro. At the end I decided, "I want to have ribbon threading", so I made an alternate pattern that had ribbon threading. It came out so fun!
I made this sweet cherry ribbon patterned paper a few weeks ago. I love how the paper came out. It also made a super cute memo box. The pattern just fit the box design just right. I didn't want the inside of my memo box to be white and boring so I made double sided card stock using raspberry polka dots.

After I finished up the memo box I designed my memo pages. I thought the raspberry polka dots would be cute memo paper so I designed the paper and added my name to it and printed it out. I used my SCAL enabled Cricut to cut out all the memo paper. I aligned the my printed out all my pages on my printer then cut them out with SCAL using the x and y axis to align it so it cut properly. I can fit 2 sheets of memo paper to be cut on regular 8.5x11 printer paper. I will never run out of memo paper again.


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