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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Ipod Touch For Me

We interrupt this regularly scheduled crafting to post to bring you the latest WHEW WHOO NEWS! I got a new Ipod Touch! I LOVE IT!! It is the great big Ipod Touch the 64 GB one. I started out with an 8GB and it was too small so I bought a new 16GB. That was better and I lived with for quite sometime. I was so bummed last year when they didn't do upgrades to the ipod touch other than update operating system. I watched this year with bated breathe that they would put not only a camera but video recording on it to. YES!! SCORE!! They did. I went right for the BIG touch this time. I finally feel like oh I don't need more room right off the box.
The new design is so sleek and thin. It is just 5 credit cards/gift cards high.

It takes pretty good high def video considering it is a touch and not a video camera. I am thinking about making a couple of crafting videos for the 'ol blog but we will see how it goes.

It holds so much. I have about 400 songs on my ipod which doesn't really touch the actual library on my computer that is nearing six thousand, which also includes the Beatles. I guess there is something to having grown up in the CD loving era. Well that and the fact that my dad collected music too. Some of my earliest memories of him are being in record stores buying albums and him listening to music way too loud. LOL
Anyway along with having 400 songs on my ipod what impressed me more is that I have 5 full sized movies, and 82 TV episodes, not to mention tons of apps. All that and I still have a few GB left. I LOVE my ipod, I always have it near me.
Well thanks for letting me share my exciting news!


Jennifer said...

You are a lucky girl. Enjoy.

Coachfans said...

I got my Touch for my birthday last year and love it. Have fun with your bigger and better one!

Ladybug said...

That li'l gem is somethin' I've been eyeing, too! :-)

Do you have the "craft supply" app on it?? That's what I'd mainly like it for! :-)


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