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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Announcing DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebies

So I have a few followers now. Thank you to everyone who follows my blog. I appreciate it ALOT. Although I appreciate everyone who visits my blog, some people come from a few of those sites that collect free file download links. That is not to say I mind this, I don't. If I didn't want people downloading the files I wouldn't post them. It just seems kind of impersonal. I wanted a way to say thank you to my regulars, my followers, YOU! I think I found a way with DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebies. Every Tuesday I am going to put up a new file for my regulars, my followers, to download. The DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebie will only be available for download for a limited time. DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebie will be available for download on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you're a regular follower you won't have any trouble popping in for a few minutes to check out the latest download on Tuesday or Wednesday. It usually takes the freebie collecting sites a day or two to find the freebies and by that time DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebie most likely will be gone. I will continue to put up freebies from time to time on my blog for everyone to download  just like I do now. DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebie is just a little something extra my followers. See the first  DtsArt Take Out Tuesday Freebie Download in the post Below.
If you like it I hope you will post a comment.
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