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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink Cricut Not available just at M*che*l's anymore

Now you can get a pink, or any color cricut here too. I hope to have a full blog layout using the cricut up sometime next week for purchase. Now you can have any color cricut you want, well in cyberspace that is. My r-l cricut is black. I think a blog cricut is a must for every die hard cricut fan. So what color will your cyberspace cricut be?


Debbie said...

Pink works for me ! Or maybe a pretty teal blue :) How fun !!

I am blog hopping from the cricut MB...come check out my blog too.

greenbean said...

of course i'll be wanting a green one!

goatesgirl said...

I want green too...cricut green of course...great blog

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